Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meeting Baby Jack!


I was so excited to get to meet Baby Jack (John Eric, III) last week and bring Bridget along with me. What a precious treasure new babies are to the world! Though the lead up to his delivery was suddenly very frightening, the delivery went great and Mommy and Baby got to come home pretty quickly. Not to mention how laid back Jack already seems to be! Sleeping like a champ already! I can’t say I’m surprised, knowing how chill his awesome parents are on a day to day basis Smile.

B was a wee bit unsure when it came to Mommy holding Jack, but she did a great job when it was her turn! Daddy Jay took B out back to play with the three dogs (we all know how neglected dogs are when new baby arrives…they were thrilled to have a playmate!) so I could have some time to chat with new Mommy, Lauren, and hold this sweet angel for a bit. He was so darn cuddly!



She was VERY interested when she realized he had a rocker. Thankfully, he slept right on through her gentle rocks…


I was pumped to have my first real opportunity to do “the best new baby visit ever” thanks to what I read on my friend, Meagan’s blog about a year ago. I brought my few bathroom cleaning items, snuck into the room to let B had a potty break, and did a good quick clean of the space. It really made a difference! I hope they enjoyed having one less thing to do during the first few weeks of parenthood. Of course, I brought tons of food. My two faves to bring? Muffins (enough for the freezer, too!) and Lean Pockets. I don’t know about you, but breakfast and lunch were nearly impossible for me! If it wasn’t ready in under 1 minute, I wasn’t eating it.

Don’t Jay and Lauren look so sweet? They were both just beaming with pride getting to show off their handsome son. I’m so happy for them! And sweet Jack even opened his eyes just as we were giving our goodbye hugs. No crying, no tears. Just peaceful observation. I. Love. New. Babies. Well, ones that remind me of my easy noodle doodle, that is Smile.


In fact, I’m ready to go back and visit again!!!


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