Thursday, October 11, 2012

October = Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

Though I was super excited about our annual Oktoberfest gathering this year (post to come), I was certainly even more pumped to decorate the house for FALL – my favorite season of all! (Christmas doesn’t count…of course that’s my real favorite)

And when Fall d├ęcor comes out, that means PUMPKIN OUTINGS! We are hoping for good weather this weekend so we can go to the pumpkin patch with the Adamo family…but luckily we had an early October chance for pumpkin fun last weekend. A delight!

Calloway’s Nursery does a free kids Fall Activity Day at most of their locations and we since it was put on the calendar far enough in advance (thanks, Jill!), we were able to make it this year. It was a blast! And completely full of silliness, thanks to my little goober:


Sweet Alexandra is always a fabulous helper to my Bridgey, and when B was much more interested in using the scissors than decorating her pumpkin, Miss A happily stepped in to finish the job:


Then there was plenty of time for running around, hand in hand:


Followed by more silliness:


The girls planted their own grass seeds:



And I got to enjoy looking at the cutest baby angel ever to grace this world – Baby Josephine! I can’t get enough of her!056058

A more hand-in-hand silliness:


Spending time with our dear friends, Jill and Alexandra, never disappoints and I love how Jill and I just “get each other”. Aren’t friendships like that so refreshing? We always seem to make the most of our brief opportunities to spend quality time together. But as the temperatures dropped, our time with the Fabulous Fair Females came to an end…


…just as Abby and Julie arrived to enjoy the festivities! Since B and I had arrived late (shocker!), we had more time to play with the McCauleys so were able to stick around a little longer. We found even more fun activities to enjoy!



Cutest spot of all! Apparently the silly bug was contagious:


Great idea, Calloways! Loved using the chalk station:


Love these two! How cute are they in these when each looks at the other to see the silly faces…



Started the day with silliness, so its only right that we ended it that way, too. BTW: my request as photographer for these was “your prettiest smile”…oh, the joys of this stage. I just keep chanting my motto – this, too, shall pass. And I won’t lie, the silliness makes me giggle (most of the time).




  1. Josephine is in the nursery at church with Luke! That hair is so beautiful & I recognized it immediately!

  2. Awesome pics...some of which I will surely have to steal! I love how Abby finally perked up and joined in on the silly goose action. Is she having a brother or a sister???

  3. That very last picture of Bridget and Abby CRACKED me up. They are so silly and sweet!