Friday, October 26, 2012

Texas State VEGGIE Fair!


What an adventure we had last weekend! Jonathan and I FINALLY enjoyed a date night and decided to go to Spiral Diner in Dallas. I couldn’t believe it was our first trip after all these years. I’ll just say HE WAS IN HEAVEN. We’re already planning our next trip to this amazing vegan restaurant. The next day, my little family, along with our friends Donald and Lydia (regular but not strict Vegan eaters) trekked down to Reverchon Park downtown to attend the Texas State Veggie Fair…it was a great time!

Bridget and Daddy got in the Yoga mood together. Yes, there were Yoga demos at the fair. Shocking when surrounded by Vegans!


Plenty of animal-friendly tents and booths:


And non-stop pooches to love on (apparently Pugs are very popular in the no-meat crowd):


But most of all, the food was AMAZING! Now, I’ve tried my fair share of fake meat products and I’m not always the most forgiving when it comes to texture. But the chefs at this fair brought their finest and it did not disappoint! Wish I’d gotten a pic of the amazing vegan fruit tarts that Lydia bought and shared with all of us. Best. Dessert. Ever.


No matter how you feel about vegetarianism/veganism (remember – I’m not the vegetarian in our family!), you can’t deny that this crowd of people is straight up NICE. It was really refreshing. Not to mention our scenery. Reverchon is a beautiful park, so we took advantage of the playground and bounce house:


And even found “What-A-Mess”! Did you guys ever read that series as a kid?! Loved it!



One of B’s favorite parts was that Mommy rode in the backseat next to her. This will never get old for her (I hope!). She loves it when I’m next to her in the car, and I do, too. Couldn’t help but capture this memory on camera because I never want to forget the joy it brings me. Blessed!



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