Thursday, March 1, 2012


Sassypants and Mommy visit the Fort Worth Zoo!


Bridget and I were so happy to meet our friends Ashlee & Catherine and Junell & Landry this morning at one of the best zoos in America. Additionally, the weather has been absolutely delightful lately and today was no different. What an incredible treat!

2012 149

One of my favorite things about the Ft. Worth Zoo is the Parrot Paradise. Let me remind you of Bridget’s first trip to this exhibit back in November 2010 (we are so thankful for Ashlee’s zoo membership! we met them their in 2010, too!)


Bridget was too timid to feed the birds back then, but man have times changed! This year, she ran right in (while I was still buying our food) and went straight up to some birds and was entralled. Once she had a feed stick in hand, she was a happy camper!

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See the look of pure joy?? She and Landry were having a real time of it together:

2012 159

Ashlee let me in on her little secret the last time: she’s deathly afraid of birds. Yet again, I was so impressed with her bravery! After we’d exited the exhibit, she said she thought it was time Catherine got to experience stuff like this even if Mommy was afraid of it. If only I could grin and bear it and let Bridget bungee jump or sky dive or repel…don’t think I’m ready to face those fears yet!

2012 160

The sloth bear! He was adorable!

2012 166

B and her white tiger. How lucky are we that we are able to provide such amazing experiences to our kids? Reminds me of all those kids I taught who’d never been outside of their square mile encompassing school/apartment/grocery store. Wow.

2012 175420308_383077565038145_100000077141045_1616573_1877533776_n

Speaking of new experiences: did you know that elephants, in addition to trumpet sounds, also make noises that resemble whale/dolphin sounds?? We were right next to the elephant pen when a raucous erupted and the elephants started trumpeting. It was over in a flash, and then they all started making these amazing whale sounds. It was unreal! I think we all overheard a very private elephants-only conversation today. Just nearly missed getting it on video…dammit…

2012 1842012 199

Bridget, Catherine and Landry! And did I mention C and L are both going to be bigs? Ashlee is due next month and Junell is due mid-May. Exciting!

422991_383077818371453_100000077141045_1616581_2090637569_n2012 193

2012 207

Silly Monkey!

2012 2102012 212

Getting tired…which for Bridget is exhibited though insane running around and loud, screamy noises. Proud Mommy moments.

2012 214

Catherine’s face slays me. I just love her!

2012 217425869_383078058371429_100000077141045_1616588_967013898_n

Bridget is a budding photography buff:

2012 219

Here’s my little on the way home from our first Fort Worth Zoo trip together. You’d better believe I kept her up all the way home this time to ensure a solid nap. Trained her well.


Great times with old friends! I’m so blessed to still have many enriching relationships that began in grade school. Ah, old friends. As Bridget would say: very special, Mommy. very special.

2012 221


  1. Yea for a fun day, and yea for a new blog post! Love the blog makeover, too. ;-)

  2. Anna, your blog is awesome! Loved reading and remembering our zoo adventures. And so proud of myself for temporarily conquering my bird fears. Although, after the bird flew into my head, I've had my fill of the bird enclosure for awhile. :o)