Friday, March 2, 2012

New Day. New Look.

Yay for giving the old blog a much needed facelift!

I like this design a lot but still need to figure out the kinks to get it arranged correctly (notice all the weird mix-ups on the side bar). Apologies if you see it change multiple times over the weekend. I don't know how to temporarily disable the blog and don't want to risk loosing anything (if you don't know, I lost all of my pictures that weren't updated on disc a few months ago...and I mean everything! Pics and video! It's like loosing a part of your heart, so I'm trying my best to slowly copy all the pics/video I have on the blog and facebook as a way to preserve a little bit. Thank the LORD I have both of these resources!).

I'm so glad to be back to my blog. Ahhhh!


  1. You're a blogging machine lately! :)

  2. yipppeeee! you're back! 'bout time!

  3. We got online back up for this very reason. We use Carbonite. I am sure you were sick about losing your pics and videos!