Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Perfect Picnic

Hello?! This weather has been AH-MAZING, right? I’m so thankful that even through the craziness of school/work/life we’ve managed to get outside and enjoy the natural gifts that have been laid before us.

Last weekend, we made time to scamper over the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve (a fav of ours!) for a family picnic. Even Penny got to come with!

2012 111

A family-self-portrait is never easy but here’s my favorite attempt from the day:

2012 103

Ready to eat!

2012 106

Our ever-faithful watch dog. Isn’t she the cutest??2012 108

Eating her sandwich like a big girl. No small bites! (‘cause Mommy forgot to bring a cutting utensil)

2012 1122012 114

Of course, Penny got her share of picnic snacks, too!

2012 116

Daddy’s girl!

2012 1172012 124

Sneaky puppy…

2012 127

How adorable are B’s teeny Timberlands???

2012 128

Food is done – time to run!!!

2012 132

We love this beautiful park. It’s only 5 minutes from our place!

2012 136


2012 1372012 139

My little adventurer. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of her next to the sign saying this area is designed for 5 year olds and above! There’s a perfectly lovely toddler play area right next door, but she’s never been that into it. Always the explorer, just like her pal, DORA Smile.

2012 1402012 141

How sweet are they? Telling Daddy “I love you” over the playground phone!

2012 142

Right after I took this pic, Penny had her turn down the slide. She’s the best!!!

2012 1442012 145

Leaving the park is way easier when Daddy and Penny are with us. Usually tears and tantruming ensues, but who can resist an upside down exit?!

2012 146


  1. Aww-fun! And, I miss J...what a great daddy he is!

  2. What a great day this looked like!