Sunday, March 4, 2012

Seeing a Live Show is…AWESOME!

***WARNING***This post is one of many attempts to make up for lost time!

In December, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to see “Yo Gabba LIVE” with some of our most favorite friends. What a treat!

It all started with a birthday celebration for our friend, Oliver. Me gusta fiestas!

Random Fall 2011 150

Getting our silly faces ready:

Random Fall 2011 145

B and her BFF enjoying some cupcakes:

Random Fall 2011 156Random Fall 2011 157

Our glow up wands are ready…let’s get on with the show!

Random Fall 2011 163Random Fall 2011 164

Nomnomnomnom…and its SHOWTIME!

Random Fall 2011 169Random Fall 2011 170

These two are hilarious together. I never get tired of their antics!

Random Fall 2011 174

But I wasn’t surprised to see my noodle getting a little sleepy, even through all the excitement:

Random Fall 2011 177

“What a wonderful day to have friends!”

Random Fall 2011 186Random Fall 2011 189

Such a special trip for all of us! Next, look for our review of Elmo Live!, which we’re seeing tomorrow night (Saturday)…can’t wait!

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