Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our little Ranch Hand!

Our tour through the Ellis Ranch in Era was just a blast. I was only disappointed that we couldn’t stay longer! Bridget loved seeing the “moos” and also gave them a new name…”push” (because that’s what Grammy taught her when they opened the cattle gate for our car). What fun us farm girls had!

*apologies for the iPhone pics, my camera decided to take a nap while we were there*

Grammy and Bridget having fun with puppy Arnie (we look forward to returning to the ranch in a few weeks to pic him up once he’s big enough!):

 iPhone love Spring 110

GC and Mary’s house is just beautiful! Bridget took a particular liking to this “moo”:

iPhone love Spring 114 iPhone love Spring 115

The entire back wall of their great room looks out over the whole landscape…envy!!!

iPhone love Spring 116

This kitty had a bone to pick with Mary and Lupe (the dog) because she wasn’t allowed in the house during the puppy weeks…not a happy kitty!

iPhone love Spring 121

You KNOW this one was excited to ride in the car with no car seat!!! Shh…don’t tell on us!

iPhone love Spring 122 iPhone love Spring 123

Our friendly neighborhood cow herd, just going about their way:

iPhone love Spring 127 iPhone love Spring 135

Mary and Bridget taking a peek at the wild pig GC had trapped inside this trailer (no discussion on her fate). She was MEAN!!! And we could see why as soon as we peeked in and saw that she had 5 baby wild piglets in there with her:

iPhone love Spring 138

Sorry its blurry…but can you see those babies?? They have the most amazing stripes. Such a cool teachable moment for Bridget!

iPhone love Spring 139

So many wonderful new things to talk about with my little farm girl. I was in heaven!

  iPhone love Spring 142 iPhone love Spring 149 

Helping Grammy with the gate, and getting back to our Iowa roots!

 iPhone love Spring 154 

Baby moos everywhere!

iPhone love Spring 156 

And do you notice the rocks in B’s hands? She’s OBSESSED. Purely, a woman OBSESSED.

 iPhone love Spring 160 

Can’t wait to come on a pretty, sunny day so we can see some “quah, quahs” on the lake or maybe get in for a nice dip!

 iPhone love Spring 165 

Back at the hacienda, Bridget notices a cool water feature…

 iPhone love Spring 167 iPhone love Spring 168 iPhone love Spring 169

Before lunch, it was time for another recent fav…hand washing!

iPhone love Spring 170

Big girl! Rode in the car with no seat (again, shhh!), opened and closed the gate, and sat in a big girl chair for lunch and didn’t crawl out once! I’m so blessed to make these wonderful memories with my precious baby girl. What amazing things are in store for us tomorrow??

iPhone love Spring 171

I can’t wait to share with you all our fun stories from this year’s Easter celebrations! B’s first year for egg hunts = ADVENTURES!

Hoppy Easter, everyone!

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