Tuesday, April 12, 2011

B meets Dr. T again!

The third time has certainly been the charm for me lately. One hilarious example has been my journey to my annual doctor's visit. I scheduled well in advance to make it not only during Spring Break (Jonathan would be home), but also on a work day so I could just go straight from the office and then home. Perfect. Well, I got there 5 minutes late and realized I didn't have my new insurance card. Boo! The receptionist, as always, was very helpful in trying to get me in anyway but I decided to bail so a) I wouldn't have to pay full price and wait for reimbursement, and b) I could run home with time to meet Jonathan to go on the spur of the moment camping trip her planned. I was told a spot on Tuesday was available due to a cancellation, so I said okay! B would be with me, but I'd take it.

Take 2: Amanda was in town and volunteered to watch B so I could go to my appointment. Yay! I got there 10 minutes early (who am I?!) and sauntered up to the counter. Oops! Turns out my appointment was the NEXT Tuesday. Arg! Can't a girl catch a break?! Silver lining? I randomly saw a good friend from my teaching days (also stays home with her two adorable boys) and got to catch up on all things kiddos. So fun!

Take 3: We made it! It was a Tuesday and I didn't have anyone to help with B so she tagged along. While I don't suggest bringing kids along to such an appointment if you can help it, she did pretty well. And I'm glad she got to meet both Dr. T and my favorite nurse, Mary. Since Dr. T was sick on the day I delivered Bridget, she only got her meet her the next day (while wearing a surgical mask to keep germs away!). It was fun to introduce her to my precious doodle and let her see B in action. Thankfully, they were happy to entertain her during the appointment. They're so sweet!

Bordom. Nothing a few books, stickers, and Snoopy can't fix!

Girl, I promise...you do NOT want to get up on that table!

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  1. I'm STILL LOLing about your last caption! :) And I LOVE Dr. T!!! You know you have a good gynecologist when you miss seeing her... :)