Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Bluebonnet Ladybug

Though its late in the bluebonnet season now (I'm shocked at how fast they came and went this year!), I was bound and determined to get my noodle doodle out in a patch for some pics. We snuck over to a recommended spot on Tuesday after our Kindermusik class and while the field wasn't overrun with blue blossoms, we still got some great nature shots. Here are two of my most favorite (p.s. Bridget refuses to look at the camera now, let alone smile, so I'm just embracing it):

I was pretty proud of myself for bringing some props, but I needed a little help with finding the perfect chair. Enter Miss Jeanie, B's Kindermusik teacher and my boss. She had the greatest antique rocker and was more than happy to let us grab it after class for the shoot. Yay! We also brought along some furry friends and a big, blue ball. Notice we found some friends who were also interested in our goodies:

Smelling the flowers:

Who's this big girl?!?!

Our second shoot of the day was much faster and much more hilarious. Bridget was near nap-ready, but I was determined to check out this small patch of 'bonnets to see if they were as lush as I'd seem them last week. Well, they weren't, but we sure had a great time with the small hill nearby, evergreen grove, and Panda friend. Here are a few of my favorites:

"Mommy, are you coming with me?!":

We'll know for next year to go as soon as the blooms are out, but I'm pleased as punch for the time I got to spend with my little nature lover. Stay tuned for pics from our trip to a family friend's ranch today where we helped Grammy pic our her and Pop's new puppy! It was a blast!


  1. She is so cute. I love the pics! I am surprised by how fast the bluebonnets left this year. We are taking pics tomorrow in them and I hope there are still a few left.

  2. Anna.....she is adorable!!!! I love her in those little sunglasses. What a little diva she is. Beautiful family you've got!