Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Jonathan and I have been so psyched now that Bridget's bike seat has joined our activity gear rotation. Have I mentioned how great it is to have a handy husband? He handily tossed this bike seat on with no instructions and no time at all. Not to mention the garage door that he just fixed while I was writing this post. What's next?!

That's another story...back to the bike. Now that its warming up out there, I'm reminded of how insanely hot it gets in Texas and how soon my lovely walks will no longer be lovely. Sure, B, Penny and I will still get out there as often as possible to visit the park, a nice breeze in our hair will be a welcome change here and there.

Biking is something Jonathan and I loved doing together during our college years together, and though it had easily been 2 years since I'd ridden a bike it was pretty much like they say...."it's just like riding a bike!" Nice. Here are some shots of the three of us prepping for the maiden voyage of B's bike seat, as well as some silly ones I attempted to shoot during the ride. Again, nice. I look forward to more and more in the months ahead! We've got to get ready for some beach bike rides once Hilton Head rolls around this summer :)

This is what toddler helmet-head looks like:

Not so sure about this silly hat, Mom:

Mommy needs a hat, too!

Our silly family pic:

Everytime we'd stop to check the seat or lift her helmet (its needs some more foam padding on the inside...who'd have thought her big egg head wouldn't fit?!), she's whine and start signing "more". It was so sugary sweet!

My view for most of the trip :)...Love it!


  1. Your comment was so super sweet!!! Thank you so much! I can't believe how big Sweet B is getting! I would love to maybe try and get together!

  2. Oh how fun!! Love it! And I'm LOVING that pic of her in the Easter bunny ears!! I need to take one of my babies like that!! =)