Sunday, March 27, 2011

“Quah, Quah!!!”

That’s right all…we’ve been whole-heartedly in the “duck phase” for about a month now and I love it! I’m so proud to have a little outdoor adventurer who already holds a special place in her heart for animals, plants, and all things nature. Sharing new experiences with her is always a delight, but I take particular enjoyment in those that take place outdoors.

Spring Break brought us many different play dates with our teacher friends. One of the best was when we met some good friends at Kid Country at Coppell’s Andrew Brown Park. This place is awesome! Reminds me so much of Victoria Park in Grapevine where my Mom would take us on a rare occasion and we all loved it…plus its next to a big, beautiful duck pond! Also, its a lot safer than any of the other playgrounds we’ve visited because there’s way less opportunities for Bridget to fall (which she did on Monday at our neighborhood park – got bumped by another kid and fell in the exact right spot that allowed her to slip under the railings – and I swooped in with a one hand grab! One hand!). She’s bound to fall off stuff and get hurt in her life, but man is it nice to have a huge place for her to explore and I don’t even have to follow her every move! Judging by this picture, she wasn’t interested in me keeping up with her anyway:

IMG_1527 IMG_1529 IMG_1531

I took the big leap and stayed at the picnic table for a few minutes while I let her go on her own. She may seem young (it was hard for me to do!), but I wanted to try to see what she did. Well, she decided to stay off the equipment (yay! She DOES want me to be there when she plays!) in favor of playing with his cute older girl who was “cooking” inside the tires with the wood chips. One of Bridget’s favorite “toys”! I watched these two for about 15 minutes just playing and talking to each other…B’s not a baby anymore (tear!) but I do love to watch her grown into a young lady:


Our sweet picnic with the babies:IMG_1542 IMG_1543

Did I mention how much she loves wood chips?? Look at the enthusiasm on her face!!!:


Before we left for naptime, we joined our friends on a walk to the duck pond across the park from the play area. Becky and her girls, Maggie and Riley, had extra bread that they generously shared and B went crazy. She loves playing with these girls!

IMG_1548 IMG_1549

Riley loves ducks, too!!! And those birds loved them some old bread…


“Quah, Quah!!!”


I took Jonathan and B back to this same park on St. Patrick’s Day to see the ducks again. Tons of cute pictures and a sweet video of her talking about her latest favorite animal (in addition to monkeys, dogs, birds, cats, and mice!). Stay tuned!!

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