Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My 18 month old Lucky Charm :)

She’s a year and a half!!! Agh!!! When I stop to think about how fast its gone, I also can’t believe we’ve only been a family of 3 for a year and a half. Often, when I tell people what its like to have a baby in my life, I describe it as closing the last page on my previous life and writing a new volume all together. Sure, I am still the same Anna on the inside but my life has evolved so much with Bridget that its like starting a whole new one. It’s hard to look back even just 18 months (or 28 months if you include pregnancy) to think about that old me. Sheesh!

Back on track…


My Bridgey Bear is the light of my life and takes up more and more space in my heart everyday. It’s hard to imagine that your love for them can grow any more, but it just keeps on keepin’ on. Life is precious!

It used to be so much easier to list new things B would introduce to us each month, but as she becomes a little lady everything is so much more complicated, internal, and scientific. Here’s my best effort at jotting down some new elements in B’s little life:

-loves jumping! When she gets going, she’s like a little bag of popcorn….pop! pop! pop! pop! pop!

-she’s started forming full sentences and phrases, though we rarely are able to decipher her thoughts. However, she’s really fond on speaking with possessives: “This is Abby’s” or “That’s Daddy’s”

-She can officially sing “ABC’s/Twinkle Twinkle”…in tune, in rhythm….its music to my ears!

-loves her some “Quah Quah!”

-knows how to open doors and turn on the faucet

-with the exception of bathtime, I can no longer skip any parts of our bedtime routine (teeth brushing, then book, then song/rocking, then laying down to echo sing)…at least I know she’s flexible if its anyone besides be putting her down. Phew!

-Loves saying people’s names: Ee-ah (Lydia and/or Olivia – the pig on TV), Oh-ah (cousin Noah), Nee-nah (Aunt Christina), Mommy, Daddy, Abby (BFF!), Op (Pop – my dad), Oh-ee (Joey – the neighbor’s dog)

Here’s a few silly pics from our St. Patty’s photoshoot together after I took out her pigtails and started getting her ready for bathtime. She’s such a stinker!

IMG_1635 IMG_1631  

And yes, she did topple into the tub right after I took this :). Mom of the Year!!! Hehehehe…at least she’s done it enough now that she catches herself and knows to call for Mommy. Love her!



  1. I can't believe how big she is. Can't! I haven't seen her in a year! That's insane. Glad we are fixing that on Thursday!!

    Poor Trent wont be getting his monthly photos anymore when Joseph is born. He will take over. haha And I'm totally using a dry erase board this time.

  2. LOL! She's the cutest little stinker I know!! So, so cute!! Let's set up a regular playdate! We love hangin' with you guys (and it gives me a heads up for what's around the corner with Jack!)

  3. So sweet! I can so identify with more and more love filling your heart everyday...what a gift they are! I can't believe she's a year and a half old :-)