Sunday, March 20, 2011

Letting us in on a little secret…

My precious is getting really good at communicating. She’s got over 10 words (I loose count, but I know its over 10!), a variety of signs, easy-to-read fussiness (don’t even get me started on the fake cries!), and also quite a few signals of what’s about to come. This one is totally my favorite:


Anytime she’s getting sleepy, even if nap time is still an hour away, she will lay down wherever she is and rest for a couple of seconds. It can be mid-run during a Penny chase and all of a sudden she stops, drops, and chills out! It’s totally adorable. Daddy got to participate in this new ritual at a recent Spring Break trip to the WillowBend playplace. He may have enjoyed the relaxation time most of all!

IMG_1420 IMG_1417 

“Ok, Daddy. You know I’m sleepy now, so we’d better get a few more minutes of play time while we still can!”IMG_1419

(Reminds me so much of our y0ur little Scooter Bear, Jill!)

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  1. I agree! Two of the sweetest sweeties, for sure!!!