Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

I’ve been cherishing every moment with my precious family recently as I’m starting to realize how much crunching our schedules will suffer once I start school in the fall (p.s. I got accepted to SMU with a scholarship! 99% likely I’ll be there come fall). Bridget and I have been here, there and everywhere enjoying life together and having endless amounts of fun. Here’s some of my favorite pics from the last few weeks:

After Kindermusik class a few weeks ago, I needed to come see Jonathan at work ‘cause I’d left something in his car. I thought I knew his lunch time (wrong), so we stopped by Celebrity Bakery to pick up a free cookie – yay for coupons!


Since my baby has gotten to be such a big girl, we decided to walk out to the patio and enjoy our cookie together in big girl chairs. She did so well! She also officially perfected her enunciation of “cookie” after this trip. Clearest word she knows! :)

  IMG_1248  IMG_1250    IMG_1254 IMG_1255

Love this sweet face and beautiful baby blues!

IMG_1256 IMG_1260

Not sure when or why we took this, but we certainly look like we’re having fun, right? :) (ugh…notice we’ve picked up the pacifier as a fun toy recently? i’m not too scared about that…yet)


Bridget and I have spent some fun times playing at indoor playplaces in the last few weeks. I consider it practice for summertime when its too dang hot outside. I know that time will be here before we know it!

She doesn’t seem to have problems making friends:

IMG_1263 IMG_1264   IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1269 IMG_1270 

And we definitely have an animal-lover on our hands. I’m such a proud Mommy! I can’t wait til she’s old enough to volunteer at the SPCA with Mommy like I did as a girl!

 IMG_1275 IMG_1276 

Trying to fit in with the “big kids”… IMG_1278   IMG_1281

But realizing this group is still more our speed:


We loved Pump it Up, Jr so much the first time, that we’ve met Dane and Stefanie there another few times since for a date. That place is awesome!!!

  IMG_1288 IMG_1289

Look how stinkin’ sweet Dane is! He’s lovin’ this little girl and she loves him back. He’s going to be a great big brother in a few more weeks :)


Abby and Julie have made time for us, too, thank goodness! Isn’t Abby’s outfit adorable?! Oh, and since the start of Spring Break Bridget’s new favorite word is “ABBY!”. She says it all day long!



Hi Everyone!

IMG_1318 IMG_1319 IMG_1320  

And someone I know has a little crush! Abby loves her some Jonathan. All babies do because he has such expressive features and has that crazy beard, but Abby seriously is into him. It’s adorable :)

IMG_1323  IMG_1325 

I’m already writing a few more posts while I have time but I’m going to wait to put them up. That way when I don’t have time to organize a bunch of pics, I’ll have something ready!

And I hope you’ve been enjoying your Spring Break :). Whether you’re still a teacher and are getting some much needed rest and relaxation, or you are just getting out in the world and soaking up some vitamin D thanks to our recent weather…Spring Break week is the best!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to SMU and the SCHOLARSHIP!!!!! Love the pics!

  2. First off, a huge congratulations about your SMU and scholarship news!!!

    Secondly, is Alexandra mentoring Bridget on this whole pacifier bit? My child has a sick obsession with them, and as you know, she NEVER took one as a baby. We have literally gone up to strangers with babies asking to see their pacifier, and everyday when leaving the sitter, we *must* go say good-bye to the pacifiers in the baby room. What the heck???

  3. Congrats on your acceptance to SMU!! YEAH!! I wish the best for you and your family as you start this next journey!!