Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Heart Yogurt :)

Nomnomnomnom. Frozen yogurt. Open mouth, insert spoon. ‘Nuf said.


We met up with Uncle Matt for some fro-yo and my little picky eater didn’t seem so picky anymore :)


I can’t wait for more summer yogurt snacks!


On a side note: we got to the fro-yo place 30 minutes before it opened (I forget that many places don’t open before 11…darn getting older!) so while we waited, I decided to take B to the McD’s outdoor playplace that I noticed on our same corner. It was actually AWESOME. Clean (relatively, but its a McD’s), open, friendly few kids playing…good times. Here’s the cutie flashing her pearls for Mommy:

 iPhone misc March 004 iPhone misc March 005 

I knew my adventure baby would eventually get stuck and/or lost in this crazy tube-fest at some point, so Matt and I just waited and listened for cries of help. They eventually came, of course, so I went right up there on my own! Go me! I got some adorable pics during our time in Tube City:

 iPhone misc March 008  iPhone misc March 011 iPhone misc March 012

We escaped together down a tube slide I was just sure was going to end us both. It was fast! So much fun playing with my little adventurer :)

iPhone misc March 013  iPhone misc March 015


  1. Bridgey is as adorable as always and her mama is looking gooooood!!!! XOXOXOXXOXOX!

  2. I would say you are a little adventurer, too! :)