Friday, March 25, 2011

Precocious Princesses

Over Spring Break, Julie and I took the girls to the Arboretum to visit the Princess Castles theme. It was a little chilly upon arrival, but once we got out and about the day became just beautiful! Such a gift to us busy mommies!

Our first stop was Ariel’s castle:


As soon as we got the girls out of their bundled strollers and put them down, the first thing Abby did was sit in a muddy spot! Such little stinkers!


Aren’t they adorable in the mermaid princess throne? (no comment on how incredibly difficult it is to take a good pic of two adventurous toddlers!)


I love how the Arboretum puts up these great story boards for their exhibits. This one was for Jack and the Beanstalk:     


Each Monday, the Arboretum hosts Mommy & Me Mondays, featuring fun activities for the toddler set including free story time and Kindermusik! We caught the story time session, but I’ve got plenty of Kindermusik in my life as it is (plus, the music class was at noon). Here’s Julie and Abby enjoying a nice stop down for a story:


Do you think they’re engaged in the lesson?? Hmm?? IMG_1448    

They’re totally scheming up a plan for what’s to come, I just know it:


Sharing snacks!


On our stroll to lunch, I saw some of my favorite people – the twins from my Kindermusik class, Ellie and Finley, and their sweet Mom, Tren and her Nanny, Maria! I love these folks and see them in the silliest of places (I also randomly saw them at last year’s Turkey Trot – twice!). So adorable!


Pretty babies!


Seeing one of my favorite areas of the whole place: the frog fountains:


Someone had alerted me to the strange sign that had recently been added to this spot. Notice its oddity??


Bridget: “Whoa! Do you see that water, Abby?!?!”


Well, we found a good lunch spot and Bridget quickly let us know how she felt about it….tired :)


They were way to distracted with each other and the expansive green lawn to eat much lunch. Check them out as they escape our picnic blanket….mischief!

  IMG_1486  IMG_1488 IMG_1489 

Our self-portrait…not bad, if I do say so myself!


I just think she’s the prettiest little one in the world!


We saved the best castle for last: Beauty and the Beast! (Abby even brought her Baby Belle doll to the park…so sweet)


Venturing in:

  IMG_1500  IMG_1502   

My outdoorsy girl, stopping to smell the roses :):


Abby loves Belle:


Well, both girls were getting tired, but we managed to get a few pics on the lawn with pretty flowers (the sprinklers were on when we arrived – just a tip for your future visits!)

IMG_1522    iPhone misc March 034 

Who is this big girl?! What happened to my baby?! iPhone misc March 036  

Look where we were this exact time last year (we took pro pics at the Arboretum over Spring Break last year with a friend and Bridget was not yet sitting up on her own. It’s simply the miracle of life!):

IMG_8622 IMG_8720

IMG_8855  IMG_8820

On our way home, I desperately tried to keep my little princess awake so she’d nap at home (success! go me!). I’m the master of distractions, so I made sure to keep this pamphlet handy for this very reason. When I reached back to show it to Bridget, she immediately said, “Abby!”. These girls are the cutest!

 iPhone misc March 039

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