Sunday, February 21, 2010

To belly or not to belly?....that is the question...

As you can see, my little girl's favorite thing to do when left to her own devices is roll over. Nothing can stop her except an obstruction in her path and even one small enough can (and will) be tackled. This, of course, is no big deal and has been a nice, long introduction into the world of mobile babies. However, once she started rolling onto her belly in her crib I got a little worried. Every book and specialist talks about how important it is for babies to sleep on their backs FOREVER but then there are lots of moms out there that swear their babies sleep on they bellies by preference and would never sleep though the night without doing it. Regardless, I don't like the thought of her doing anything that is looked down upon by doctors and experts worldwide. Recently, I've given in to her sleeping on her side while I'm still awake and sometimes I'll run in a roll her onto her back before I hit the hay. Sometimes, though, she wakes up in the middle of the night on her belly and freaks out. She always goes back to bed, but its annoying nevertheless. Any suggestions? Should I just let her do her thing and try my best to keep her on her back...but not stress over it? I'm open to all thoughts...

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  1. Leave her!! Once she can roll over most drs will say they are fine. But, do what gives you the most peace. Kenlee slept swaddled on her stomach in a positioner for the first few months. I really prayed for peace
    before doing it. Kai was back only since they scare the tar
    out of us moms. I swear he was a horrible sleeper because if it. Always do what makes YOU feel best!