Monday, February 8, 2010

Adamo Super Bowl IV!

Who needs a baby in their King Cake when they have this adorable one already? Thanks to the lovely Brittany (and her grandmother) for providing the party with a traditional, homemade Mardi Gras King Cake!

Did I win big money in the grid I took the time to make for everyone, you ask?? No, I did not. But a good hostess would be happy that her guests are the ones who left victorious...though extra money would have been nice :).

What a wonderful time we had seeing specials friends who we hadn't spent time with since right after Bridget was born. Sure, the game was fun and we're glad the Saints won, but the real fun came from our time together and all the catching up that was done. Bridget wanted to be heard by everyone so she continuously squaked the whole time she was up...but hey...she's cute! A she had a smile on her face (almost) the whole time. Plus, she went down in her crib like a real pro right at half time. Man, did she want Mommy to have some fun, adult time! Love her so much...

Here are some highlights:

Jeff won the beverage helmet in our Sports Jeopardy game...notice the Frescas!

Bridgey showing off Mommy's Sports Jeopardy board. Yes, there were six catagories with 3 questions each. There were prizes awarded for each question (level 1 questions = level one on, so on...) and everyone left with a prize. A good elementary school teacher couldn't let anyone leave empty handed! Everyones a winner at an Adamo party :).

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