Sunday, February 14, 2010


What a trip! Jonathan, Bridget and I made it down to good old San Antonio for the Texas Music Educators Association annual convention. J and I have gone to TMEA together for the last 5 years, and I went two more years before that so the possibility of not going to time around was really sad. However, J decided that he couldn't be away from Miss B for 3 whole days, so I got to attend! Thank goodness for supportive school districts that offer us generous reimbursements, otherwise our thin wallets wouldn't be able to take the cost. We had an amazing time!

B and me discovering her new favorite chew toy: my TMEA badge! Seriously, she loved it.

Here's us at our restaurants for the weekend:

1. Daddy's all-time favorite restaurant, Green, was a must-do for us. We went for breakfast on our first morning and B was a huge hit. Little did we know, but the head chef/owner of the place is expecting his first child with his lovely opera singer wife and their favorite name is Bridget! We love the restaurant because everything on the menu is either veggie or vegan and there's no "real meat" in the whole place...but don't be misled...there's tons of "meat" there. Its all homemade fake meat and its amazing! What a blast.

2. A Riverwalk staple, Casa Rio!

3. Every year, we always make it to The Original Mexican Restaurant. Can you believe its open 24 hours a day?? Yummy margaritas...B slept through this whole stop :).

We saw so many special friends that we rarely see all year. It was a lovely time, and Miss B was a real trooper. Here are a few more fun pics of the weekend (and, yes, we are sad we missed the crazy snow in Dallas):

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