Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby food time! Better re-up on burp cloths...

The hilarity of parenting never ends!!!! She is such a hoot :)

Now that we've both gotten really comfortable with cereal and our confidence is high, why wouldn't we try to shake things up? Bridget got her first taste of carrots on Monday and it went pretty well! She made some icky faces after about 4-5 spoonfuls (I think it took her that long to realize it wasn't cereal anymore!), but she finished the bowl. Yay!

I'm fulling planning to make my own baby food, so bring on the suggestions. I've got the carrots ready to steam and process, but I'm waiting for this weekend. This week has just been a killer on my energy :). More to come!


  1. The website I used regularly:

  2. I want to make my own baby food too!!! cut a butternut squash in half and bake it with a teeny bit of salt...scoop it out and puree. Yay baby!

    Thanks Jilly for the link! I will totally be using that.

    I just love blogging. It gives me so many great resources and ideas!