Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby Shower #1!

While I'm enjoying summer more than I've ever in the past, I still love to think fondly on my wonderful workplace and friends/supports that walk its halls during the school year. Carrollton Elementary is such a special place to me that has been with me through all the years of my marriage and now all the days of being a mommy so far...and so many more to come!

I hope you enjoy a sampling of pics from my school baby shower held the last week of school. Even my adorable parents were able to make it out to celebrate (after they had been pulled over by the Carrollton PD...luckily the officer was very nice!).

The beautiful Jill was nice enough to be both gift scribe AND photographer, so its thanks to her that I have these tangible memories of my special day. Though she's leaving Carrollton Elementary for closer pastures, she'll still be my go-to gal for so many things. Lots of love to you, Jill!!!

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