Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've got some favorites :)

Keri ( is sending me my disc of images with all my maternity pics and I can't wait to show everyone some of my favorites! They're so great. Of course, my favorite one is Mommy and Penny together, but who's surprised?? As soon as I get the disc in the mail, I'll put them up!

Jonathan's putting together our crib tonight and maybe we'll get the bookshelf up, too. Then I can actually put a lot of stuff away! Our bedding, we were told, was backordered for 4 weeks, but lo and behold...I got a call yesterday saying it had come in and was ready to be picked up. Yay! I'm going to get it tomorrow. I can also get Jonathan his carseat base, which he says he's going to install as soon as he gets it. He's so excited about our little girl arriving that he's ready for her to be here today...this momma has other plans, of course, but I'll be ready whenever baby is ready (even if that means sooner rather than later).

So much to do but I'm pumped about it all. I went up to school today and now I feel pretty good about starting up...certainly anxious, but good.

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