Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog, how I've missed thee!

I've really missed adding posts to the blog over these last 3 1/2 weeks. I've had so much on my mind recently, that sitting down and organizing thoughts just hasn't been at the top of my list. However, its so cathartic to sit back and review over all the events that have been happening in our lives, both large and small, so now I'm back!

I know I'm going to need some of this decompression time once our little angel comes to us in a few short months, so I'm determined to stay on top of things! My goal is to update at least weekly from now through early September, and I'd really like to settle on a good blog design that reflects my style and personality a bit better...right now, its just bare bones because I still don't know what I'm doing. I just need to take 30 minutes to an hour here or there and do a little DIY research and get it done. Plus, my brain is seriously packed with baby questions and ideas, so I'm ready to start looking on other blogs that can give me some inspiration. I look forward to seeing everyone's creativity!

Friends: get ready for a flood of pics and brief descriptions so I can catch up on everything JUNE in the Adamo house!

Love to all...

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  1. My friend has the cutest baby blog. It's totally inspiring. Have a look and see what she has been putting together!