Friday, February 11, 2011

Ice adventures (and baby flu commentary!)



Sure, the rest of you were much more timely at posting your arctic blast adventures with your own families, but see my earlier post regarding my slow blogging of late…better now than never, peeps!

We were already pretty sure Daddy was going to have Tuesday off, so on Monday night we indulged in one of his favorite winter activities…eating pecans from the shell. He’s obsessed! And, as you can see, so is our noodle doodle:

iphone winter misc 080iphone winter misc 085

Tuesday provided many opportunities for lounging around and having a beverage:


And playing video games with Daddy:

iphone winter misc 086 iphone winter misc 089

Though Bridget indulged in some serious playing:


She also quickly got the hang on relaxing. Maybe she watched Mommy and Daddy chill on their first snow day by couching it quite a bit?

IMG_0885 IMG_0893

It’s not just the human Adamo adventures who’s spirits eventually got restless for outdoor play:


Thanks to the power of 4-wheel drive and being close to some activity areas, we ventured out (don’t tell Dangerman!):


Per her usual behavior, B was happy to feed us her Happy Meal (a first for her as we are not McD’s goers…or really any fast food places) instead of eating anything herself:IMG_0908

That is until Daddy suggested a family-shared ice cream sundae – yep, that’s an ice cream mustache on that goober:IMG_0913

She loved her some playplace time! We had it all to ourselves :) Check out that static!!

IMG_0917 IMG_0918

Daddy had to join in the fun to pass some time away:

iphone winter misc 092iphone winter misc 094iphone winter misc 095iphone winter misc 097

B watching Daddy get his call from Frisco ISD telling him he had another day at home to enjoy tomorrow!


Old toys were given new life, though we started to notice some congestion before bedtime and a slight fever. Nothing a little Tylenol couldn’t help, right?:


Well, the next day brought more of the same, but with much less energy and an ever-escalating fever (that’s right, we stayed in our jammies pretty much all day every day last week):

iphone winter misc 102

When it got to 103 degrees, we finally braved the roads again to get to the doctor’s office. I think we may have a future med student on our hands. Hello, college tuition payments!


Since she refused a nap on Thursday before the doctor’s (another sign that something was up…this one NEVER passes up a chance to get some shut eye!), she finally gave up on the way home from getting her diagnosis: the FLU :(

iphone winter misc 105

And it was downhill from there. Look at this miserable face!  She’s wrapped in a towel because she got sick as soon as I put her in the high chair. Poor thing!


The chocolate mustache is a gift from her chocolate pudding dinner that she didn’t care much for, but we had to get something in her tummy unless we wanted a long night of icky sicky due to Tamiflu.

*a side note* our regular doc isn’t in on Thursdays, so we saw another one at the office who we met back when B was 3 days old and screaming from starvation (that’s another post for another day…or I’ve already posted it). She’s great. However, she warned us that the suspension (liquid drops) version of Tamiflu tastes HORRIBLE and that we may have a hard time getting B to swallow it and instead we should consider getting capsules instead. Those could be broken and then hidden within a yummy food like pudding or ice cream. We rarely ignore a suggestion by the doc, so we went for it. Bad decision!!!! This girl is already picky about food and didn’t want anything to do with ice cream. Not one bite! When she agreed to eat some pudding, as soon as we gave her the meds she spit it out…it tastes awful and is super chalky (yes, Jonathan tasted it ‘cause he loves her THAT MUCH). Then she wasn’t fooled at all by the pudding spoon anymore. She’s no dummy! It made administering Tamiflu a real task for us over the next few days, but thanks to oatmeal mixed with fruit, cinnamon, and nutmeg we usually managed to get it down. Her other two suspension meds (amoxicillan and a congestion med, not to mention the Tylenol) went down like a charm! She would have taken Tamiflu easily like that. Bummer. Lesson learned, Mommies!

Look at that sweet smile. After her sickness episode before dinner, a nice bath, some jammies and her milk she was ready to take her temperature (had gone down to 100 – remember our future med student?) and then go to bed. Phew!

iphone winter misc 110iphone winter misc 106

The next morning I woke up at about 5 to check on her and give her some water (she was coughing straight for about an hour and Jonathan was snoring right through it). She wouldn’t go back to sleep in her crib so we rested in the rocker for another hour then she was ready to play. It was B that first pointed out all the beautiful snow we’d gotten over night! I told Jonathan we were up at about 6:30 and let him know about the winter wonderland and he was underwhelmed…until he got up later and saw it for himself. Ha! Check out our front yard bird feeder:


Still moving a little slow, but feeling much better. Time to give the kitties some love:


While the rest of us didn’t want to get too wet out in the drifts, Penny LOVED running around in it all day long. She was adorable!IMG_0957

One of our backyard bird/squirrel feeders (normally it looks like an Adirondak bench):


Throwing snowballs for Penny:

IMG_0960 IMG_0961

Her favorite: the nose dig…she plowed with her face all over the yard!


A family self-portrait. Christmas card worthy?? Um, I think not…


So pretty!! Too bad my footsteps had to ruin the placid landscape. Note to self: hover next time…


Sure, she still had the flu. But I couldn’t resist getting my girl out for a couple minutes of pics in the white blanket…who knows if we’ll ever see this much pretty SNOW in Texas again?!


Plus, I’ve got to get some more good use out of those to-die-for cute pink so boots:

IMG_0981 iphone winter misc 119iphone winter misc 123

I was proud of how much more adventurous she’d gotten since our Colorado Christmas snow experience:

iphone winter misc 122

But she still wanted Daddy and Mommy to rescue her a little here and there :)


Our pretty street:


Her appetite was back, she was playing more and more, and she took a nearly 4 hour nap…all signs that the flu was already on its way out after just one long day. Phew! Did I mention her two best friends that she refused to part with for the rest of the week? Meet Mr. Decongestant Bottle and Ms. Tylenol. All three were hand in top for days, no matter where we hid the bottles. She can’t be fooled! Getting to be a theme…(and no comment on the wretched state of her hair, people. Cabin Fever had broken us all!)


A quick peak at a recent quirk that’s a subject for a post all its own. When B is ready to be done with food, she often starts hoarding it and shoving it all in her mouth at once. This particular night, it was meatballs. She picks up everything on her plate, shoves them in one by one, and sometimes she actually chews it all down…and other times she chipmunks it for a few minutes and then spits it out. Joy. Can you see the mouthful of meaty goodness?


Little Miss Crazy Pants has returned. Hurrah!


Taking a tip from Penny, this is what B does when she hears the garage door these days. That 100% means Daddy is home and both my girls jump around the garage door, run to and fro, and listen for the car to turn off. It never gets old. Love those red, rosy cheeks (though these are also red due to pasta sauce from dinner…we’re on our way to the bath, people)!

IMG_1012 IMG_1013IMG_1014    

Come Saturday, our Bridgey Bear was back in fighting form and really stir crazy! But doesn’t she look pretty?? :) 

iphone winter misc 127 

We took a family trip to the grocery store to re-up on some milk and a few other necessities (and last minute party needs for the peeps we had coming over for the Super Bowl the next day – thank goodness I’d bought all my food needs a week early!). Do you like Jonathan’s choice of shirt??

iphone winter misc 133

Picking out some goodies for Mommy, perhaps? Que bien!

iphone winter misc 139

Yet another last minute trip on Sunday when the roads were MUCH better. B and I went in search of cheap prizes for our Super Bowl Jeopardy game and ended up at the Target Dollar Spot. Like her new shopping cart pose of choice? She’s such a goober:

iphone winter misc 141

Glad to be back, ladies and gents. All that being cooped up really got to me! Good thing I’m chilling in my hotel room constantly this weekend…only to escape for delicious Riverwalk margaritas :).


  1. Hahahaaha! Dangerman got a shout out!!! So glad that you are back and the B is feeling better! Go enjoy some margies!

  2. Such a cutie - and growing soo big!! So sorry she had the flu, seeing our little ones sick is heartbreaking. I remember the first time Sam repeatedly threw up I cried right along with her. Love the blog!

  3. Glad she is feeling better and love the picutres!