Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friendly Festivities!

I have been so overwhelmed recently with life that I still have pics from a while back that I haven’t put up yet. Grr! I get really annoyed by jumping out of comfortable cronological order…

Anyways…B and I celebrated a birthday for our long-lost little friend, Sophia, a couple weeks ago. It was so much fun! Sophia’s mom, Juli (that’s Juli from school, not Julie-Julie, Julie from Chicago, Pat-Julie….there’s a lot of Julie’s in my life!), invited just a couple of friends over for a b-day playdate and it was so peaceful, laid-back, and easy. Just what we needed! Plus, it was Sophia’s 2nd birthday, so most of the kids were 2 and I enjoy B getting exposure to those older ones every now and then :).

The “Capp-A” book! Sophia was such a good speaker:


Quickly moved on to exploring the place:


Having fun with the birthday girl…


Isn’t she beautiful? She has always been such a beautiful little girl. Some babies are just sooooooooooo pretty (and I think mine is, too!).


Showing Sophia how to relax…


“What cha got in there??”


It was an Elmo-themed gathering, and I’m so sad I didn’t get a pick of the adorable goody bags. I’m always looking for more crafty ideas ‘cause I never come up with good ideas myself…always the theif, I am!

IMG_0756  IMG_0758 

B thought this car was pretty awesome. She was able to monopolize it because all the other girls had one at home so they were mildly interested. Phew! Sharing is not our forte…IMG_0760 

Meet Valentina!! She was (by far!) the most hilarious 2 year old I’ve ever met! Man, is she smart, funny, personable, helpful…I was scheming up plans for how I could manage to take her home with me. I love her!!! (and her mom was fun, too, but this girl stole my heart!)


Meet Zoe!


She was much quieter than Valentina, but every bit as much the friendly lady. And so pretty!


Of course, Valentina was happy to help…


Sophia helping Zoe and with her Elmo craft:


Birthday girl and her sweet Mommy…



Not quite ready for glue crafts at 16 months, but we still had fun!


Birthday hats! Some were a success, others didn’t stay on for long:

IMG_0781  IMG_0783    

Zoe’s mom was a delightful breath of fresh air with her honesty about parenting (not to mention her honesty about being pregnant again). Well, all three ladies were. It’s so much fun to meet new people and automatically have a million things to talk about. It’s the Mommy’s Club!


I love Bridget’s face here! All four little ladies played so well together and had a fabulous time. We didn’t want to leave, but when it was almost 8pm (we started late!) I had to finally drag B away. Sometimes we have to make an exception on bedtime if it means meeting up with friends. Have I mentioned how thankful I am to have a toddler that allows me to be flexible????? Phew!! I know I’m lucky and I’ll never take that for granted :).



ICECAPADES post next….complete with our baby flu story! Stay tuned…

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