Friday, February 11, 2011


Man, blogging has been so hard for me recently! I’ve loved reading all of your posts, everyone, and know that I’ve been regularly reading all of your tidbits and smiling over your beautiful pictures. However, actually taking the time to organize my own thoughts and pics has been tough. I hate getting this behind! It only makes it worse, right?!

Well, currently I’m sitting in the lobby of our nice San Antonio hotel because internet is free here and I’m too cheap to pay $15 a day for in-room access when I have a perfectly good iPhone for that. But brrrr is it cold! I’m loving that they have cozy blankets on all the comfy chairs and blankets down here since this hotel serves as a walkway between the Convention Center (where the TMEA conference is that we’re attending) and another large hotel.

Just a fun note: we always aim to stay at the Residence Inn Marriott when we come to TMEA because of the following reasons:

1) FREE happy hour (I mean free beer and wine, people, as well as a yummy snack like frito pie, house salad, soft pretzels, nachos, etc)

2) FREE Continental Breakfast (think scrambled eggs, make your own waffles, fruit a-go-go, cereal, etc)

3) large suite rooms with kitchenettes and separate bedrooms (a MUST when Bridget is with us these days)

Needless to say, I book our room far in advance to ensure a stay since this hotel fills up fast when all the boozing music teachesr play hookie from school for 1/2 a week. Well, when we arrived this time we were told by a very nice front desk manager that there were no rooms at our hotel as they were over-booked. Jaw drop! Luckily, she booked us at the nicer, more expensive, right across the street Marriott as a condolence gift and even paid for our taxi over there. You’d better believe Jonathan and I took full advantage of the Residence Inn happy hour that had just begun before we went to our cushy digs at the better hotel, though! A win-win! Only problem? No free breakfast :(. The big man upstairs was guiding our eyes, however, because that night we noticed a new Einstein’s Bagels only a few blocks away! Score! More on that to come…

I’m sure you can imagine how much fun us crazy, kid-free Adamos are having on our little excursion. This is just making me want to take a real adult-only vacation soon! Beach, here we come…as soon as we have $$…hehehehe

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