Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

I am so happy that we can start getting out our cute Spring wear for Miss Bridget now that the weather is starting to turn. Of course, I know better than to pack away our winter garb...I'm sure we still have chilly weather in our near future, knowing Texas...but at least we had a 75 degree day already! Here are a few shots of my girl in her first Spring hat. Ahhhh!

Have I mentioned how much Bridget (and Mommy and Daddy!) loves her daily caretaker? Babysitter is certainly an easier name but it just doesn't seem to describe all the wonderful things Carmen offers our sweet girl. We also love Maureen, who's in this pic with Bridget (the kiddos got to go outside during the first nice weather day of the year last week) and is Carmen's assistant. They are both so delightful and helpful for this novice mommy. Carmen certainly has experience...she has 5 kiddos of her own!

I also wanted to remind everyone of Bridget's first day at Miss Carmen's. It went swimmingly, of course!

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  1. YAY Spring! I love her little hat! Can't wait to see her in a little swimsuit this summer!