Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Fair Festivities!

Bridget and I had a wonderful time seeing our sweet Fair Females, Jill and Alexandra earlier this week. Jill is kind enough to be the middleman in my ordering of a beautiful, homemade knit hat from a woman that comes to her school. Alexandra had one on in her 18 month picture recently and I feel in love. Can't wait to have it in my hot, little hands!

Thankfully, me delivering the $$ for the hat meant that I got to visit J and A and hang out for a bit. Though Bridget and Jill had met before a few times, they just really hit it off this time! B was so content in Jill's arms and really seemed totally at peace. It was a sweet sight to see. And after Alexandra warmed up to us, she got a real kick out of Baby B. She was just giggling and smiling and putting on a real show. What a great hostess! She is learning so much from her awesome Mommy :).

Can't wait for our next hang!

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  1. And, I am content with Baby B in my arms!!! :) We love you guys!!!