Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Penny + Bridget = L.O.V.E.

Don't you just love the giggles in this video? I get to hear this everyday when we come home from school and let Penny out of her kennel. Bridget LOVES watching Penny run around. Music to my ears :).

I just don't know how people can do it...give away a pet. Yes, I totally understand why it must be done and if after exhausting EVERY possible scenario you still meet failure I guess its justified but I just can't imagine it! Even after Bridget arrived and we knew that there was the possibility that Penny could react negatively, it all ended up being a piece of cake!

Like Jill and I were just discussing the other day, I firmly believe that, like babies, pets are extremely receptive to "energies" of the people around them. If you put off nervous energy, you will encounter a nervous dog (or baby). If you are feeling worried and anxious, your dog (or baby) will feel nervous and anxious. Express a calm, assertive, confident vibe? You will meet relaxation and comfort from your special friend. Cesar Milan is right!

Well, all that said...Bridget has always shown interest in all our furry friends but recently she has been enamored with Penny. She reaches out to the dog more than she reaches out to me! Jealous? Nah. Its so darn cute! Thankfully, Penny's affection for Bridget is obviously growing now that the Queen B is more interesting. Its such a sweet and special unspoken connection that they have and I can't wait to see it grow as the days pass. We love our Pen Pen!

Meeting each other for the first time...Bridget is a little baby burrito!


Up close and personal

Dog Park Day!


  1. It's fun to look back at these memories!

  2. I couldn't believe how tiny she was that day we brought her home! It had been a while since I saw that picture :).

  3. Oh you gotta love a girl and her dog!!