Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break!

Man, am I tired! As I've noticed recently, so are many others. Blogging has slowed down and I'm hoping its because people are taking more time playing with their babies and enjoying their me! Spring Break always promises that rest and relaxation that has evaded me since Christmas break, but as usual, I overbook us and end up being just as tired as I am during a normal work week. At least we were full of fun times meeting with friends and seeing new things. Here's a recap of our week so far:

Saturday - Annual St. Patty's Party and the McCauley's in McKinney

Sunday - errand day (whee!)

Monday - Mommy's doctor's appointment, so Miss B stayed with the lovely Kelly ladies and I learned from the master how to clip coupons correctly, Daddy brings home his new car, frisbee golf with B/Penny/Daddy/Uncle Cory/Donald, dinner at Los Jalepenos...yum!

Tuesday - Day with Julie and Abigail! Lunch at On the Border, walked through the Frisco Mercantile (you're right, Jill...way too expensive!), hang time at the McCauley's house, movie night with Daddy

Wednesday - Lunch with the very special Lauren and Tenley at Chocolate Angel (love that place!), Allen Americans hockey game with Julie and Ryan and friends, green beer at Dodie's...babysitter!!!!

Thursday - cancelled hair appointment meant yummy breakfast from Daddy, grocery shopping, Bridget's 6 month appointment (excellent, but 4 shots means sad baby), att store where Daddy surprised Mommy with an iPhone! hangtime with Grandma and Grandpa, late night shopping for Mommy

Friday - rescheduled haircut, photo session with Miss Jessica at the Dallas Arboretum (more on that later when pics are available...what a story!), evening grill/picnic at Lewisville Lake with my precious little family, Daddy's night with the guys = chill/blog time for Mommy!


  1. Love your St. Patty's Day pic, and yippee for your iPhone! :)

  2. iphones are fun! do you like scrabble? can play words with friends on it with me!