Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RSV.....not for me!

Well, the little goober finally has her first icky sicky. Yes, RSV has found its way to my daughter and she (and mommy and daddy!) is not happy about it. At least she is still finding ways to sleep okay...'cause its her favorite thing to do!...and she's still eating. Hopefully her Friday follow-up appointment will have good news. I'm realizing that few things are harder than having to get up and go to work knowing my little baby is not feeling her best. It's so sad! Thank God for my wonderful Mom (, do we love Grammy), who has been able to relieve us while Jonathan and I find a way to stay with her and juggle work since she can't go to the sitter. What would we all do without our loving families, right???

Enjoy the picture of happier moments before the ickiness took over. We're loving our exersaucer! Both the hand-me-down I got from a sweet parent at school (pictured), and the high-tech, new one we got from Grammy and Pop for Christmas! Getting so big :)


  1. just testing to see if i can make a comment! :)

  2. Yay! I just wanted to say how beautiful your daughter is!!!!

  3. You're right...that is the cutest smile in a pic yet! Still better in person... :)