Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our little helper!

Bridget is just growing up so stinkin' fast! We had her 4 month well baby visit this week (3 weeks overdue, thank you RSV...but who's counting) and she's ready to start eating cereal (also overdue) and in a few weeks we can start veggies if we deem her ready! Agh! Our awesome pediatrician also mentioned that we need to start thinking about baby proofing...yikes...I think I'm going to start that slow and steady so I'll be ready in a month or so when she may be getting mobile. Again...yikes!
Here she is at the office on Friday...she looks thrilled to be there :)

At least we know she's going to be a great helper around the house. She loves being in the kitchen while mommy cooks and as you can see, she even wants to help open things!

Here's Miss B standing on the ladder in her room helping to hang some cute decorations in her room that mommy never got around to doing. Thanks for "giving her a hand", daddy!

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