Sunday, January 24, 2010

A veggie blog is born

Though I love blogging about my sweet Miss B, I feel like adding a little more depth to the blog will help me be more loyal to posting. That being said, I've decided to document my veggie cooking experiments and blog about my life as a meat-eater who is married to (and cooks for) a full-on vegetarian (no pesca cheating!). As I whip up some of my favorite veggie recipes (mexican tortilla bake, veggie "chik"en pot pie, etc., I will put up some pics as well as recipes for your enjoyment. I'm also always looking for interesting vegetarian cooking blogs. Here is a great husband-pleasing treat that I found on Sara's blog. It's perfect for football game days!

(I couldn't get the pic to load correctly, so sorry about it being turned)

Veggie Corn Dogs (no deep-frying!)

1 pkg corn bread mix fully prepared as directed
3-4 veggie hot dogs (I used Smart Food brand)

I used the mini-muffin tray and really liked it. I think I'd prefer these as minis than as full-sized muffins.

Mix batter as directed. Cut dogs in about 3/4 inch bites so each one can stand up in the muffin cup and be about even with rim. Fill cups 1/2 way with batter. Stand one dog bite in middle of cup. Cover dog bites with any remaining batter. Bake at packaged temperature for 1/2 time requested. Enjoy!

We found that dipping in a little ketchup and mustard makes these AWESOME! Also, as you see in this pic, some dogs are fully covered and some not. I prefer the covered ones much more.


  1. Very cool -- I will certainly enjoy!

  2. I'm totally making these (with real hot dogs, sorry =] ) tonight AND this weekend! YUM!