Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Here! 32 weeks!

Make that 57 days and counting! I am totally ready for this baby to arrive...except for the whole "we've done nothing to prepare" thing. Who cares about that at this point, right?

Honeymoon over, that's for sure. I'm tired but can't sleep. Groin pain! Back pain! Tummy pain! Occasional days of high blood pressure, which isn't enough to be concerned about but when it happens the only thing I can do to combat it is sit/lay down and do nothing. A situation not known to the Adamo house. 

I'm ready for a margarita. I'm ready to be done with the needing-to-pee feeling. I'm ready to move faster and exercise again (who am I?). Oh, but I'm probably not ready for life as a mom of two! It is what it is. 

I know for certain I'm ready to find out what the next chapter brings us. Definitely less fear and anxiety this time than with Bridget. A healthy dose would probably be better than what I'm feeling now!

And still no name. Not even a short list. Blame Jonathan. I do.

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