Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just for posterity (written Halloween Eve)

Just saw this draft sitting in my que. It makes me smile to read it - short and sweet :).

Had our 12 week + one day doc appointment yesterday. It went great!

(excuse me while I may just throw up at my work desk right now...dammit! this sickness is supposed to subside now!)

Got to hear baby's heartbeat on the "tummy mic" (or DOPPLAR, as doc calls it) and it was instantly apparent, loud, and fast. Just what we all wanted to hear! Doc was pleased as punch and happy to schedule the next two appointments for me (arg...paying for these right before Christmas? It'll happen SOMEHOW) - a quick tummy check right before Thanksgiving and then our quad-screen test + sono in December, right before Christmas. That one should be an exciting day!

She told me she doesn't see any reason to hold off on telling the world our news...though I'm still hesitant to put it up on Facebook because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Sure, sure...we all know I'll do it anyway. I just want to be as sensitive as I can for those out there who may be struggling with conception. We'll see what I decide to do, since I can't wait too long!

I'm thinking about putting it up on the blog in just a couple of days. Maybe even a special Halloween treat? Who am I kidding. I won't have my act together by tomorrow :). I have a cute photo idea to share the news, but I'm not sure we'll ever get around to taking the shot itself, what with my family's crazy schedule and all.

Back to work. I've got one last thing weighing on my shoulders right now for school (blah), which will come and go this Monday. After that is done, I can take a breather, celebrate a birthday (MINE!), watch this belly grow, and then start to think about finals. This time next year I'll be preparing for my final semester!!! Joy!!! Oh right...I'll also be out of my mind trying to wrangle TWO kiddos in and out of daycare/school. Oy.

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