Friday, January 31, 2014

Dat How My Hair Grow

Like crazy these days! Prenatal pills are making my mop look like a shaggy mess, so I'm going in for a cut after having it done 3 months ago. I'm a twice a year haircut kinda gal. This is weirding me out! It looks terrrrrrrrrrrrible in this know me is to know I don't really care :).

All is well on the baby front these days - I'm still honeymooning, feeling good, and "enjoying" the pregnancy (not a true statement for ANYONE EVER, but you get it). As I told Gary at work today in response to the commonly asked question: "so how's the whole second-pregnancy-while-enduring-law-school thing working for you?" Well,'s working. Is there really an alternative? My honest reply is: "it could be worse" and it certainly could. Just like with Bridget, I'd heard pregnancy horror stories from many and reminded myself daily of the blessing a slightly above-average pregnancy can be. I don't take it for granted!

That said, my groin muscles/bones still hurt constantly and continue to get worse. Oww!

The need for Tums comes on radically and is insatiable. Thankfully it's very intermittent. Pregnancy heart burn is like none other!

Poor sleeping started a while ago and will just continue to get worse. This time around I'm actually okay with it. Yes, it sucks, but someone like me who gets plenty of sleep regularly needs a little kick in the pants to prepare for raising an infant again...and since B was truly the angel baby, I don't expect to be blessed in that manner again. A girl can dream! But she also needs to be prepared :).

Little man is ACTIVE. Moving all the time! 

I fear I'm just reaching the stage of "hungry all the time" and that blows. Thankfully that coincides with finishing off all the Girl Scout cookies in our pantry. It's a feat I'm not proud of...

Tonight is date night. Maybe we'll look over baby names! Eek!


  1. Yay baby names!! Yay tums!! Yay for being prepared for a less than perfect baby... I should have done that ;)

  2. You look so amazing! Girl, I had to get a bigger purse so I could put the giant container of TUMS in there!!