Friday, January 17, 2014

Playing Catch-Up!

I really don’t want to miss putting up some pics from activities we enjoyed this past Fall. Between school, the first trimester, and just life in general, it became pretty overwhelming to keep up with the ol’ blog. I’ll do what I can do do some catching up over the next few weeks…then maybe I’ll do a blog book for once!

Here’s some fun we had over Christmas break:


Bridget and I had quite the journey trying to keep up with our Advent Activity Calendar this season, but I’d say all in all we did a decent job (despite so many fun activities getting cancelled due to the ice weekend!). One of our favorites was seeing the Northpark Trains.



Just about tops for me this year was getting dressed up for Breakfast with Santa. Though I was sad to have missed our annual trip with our favorite Fair ladies (we’d decided not to partake this year, and then it ended up being cancelled due to ice anyway!), my Mom was happy to step in with an invite to breakfast at the Four Seasons. It did not disappoint! Santa was so attentive, the food was AMAZING, and it gave us a chance to spend quality time with Mimi & Pop. Oh! And we got to see our special friends, The Prewitts, too! Bonus!

IMG_9819IMG_98222013-12-21 09.57.552013-12-21 10.04.172013-12-21 10.10.002013-12-21 10.39.44

I will never tire of the adorable kids buffet! Isn’t it the best?!

IMG_9824IMG_9829IMG_9834IMG_98372014-01-17 16.00.302014-01-17 16.00.35IMG_9838IMG_9847IMG_9851

The next morning, we were all more than ready to share the gender news of Bridget’s new baby. We gathered with both families for an afternoon of holiday cookie decorating, but started the event with a balloon pop reveal. It’s a BOY!!

IMG_9857IMG_9860IMG_9861IMG_9863IMG_9864IMG_98662013-12-22 15.12.45

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  1. You KNOW I'm so excited about you having a little boy!!