Friday, January 3, 2014

23 weeks...what Jenny McCarthy didn't tell me

Some things I've experienced that my favorite pregnancy book, "Belly Laughs", didn't warn me about (some of these things are new to this pregnancy, some were familiar foes from B's incubation period):

1. Giant boobs already! What the what? My bra cups be runneth over and I got a long way to go. I'm NOT interested in maternity shopping this go round, so these puppies are going to continue to squeeze in as long as possible. Don't think the husband will mind.

2. Boogers! That's right, I admit it. Anyone else suddenly have crazy boogs EVERY MORNING with only one way to resolve the problem? The icky way. Started with Bridget, slowed down a bit after her birth but never totally went back to the way it was, and has come back with a vengeance this time. Not cool. Anyone I've complained to tells me to deal because they've dealt with nose goblins their whole life. Guess I'll consider myself lucky for the first 27 years of life.

3. Pelvic PAIN! This is serious pain, y'all. Extreme soreness in the groin region that apparently stays the whole pregnancy. Again, NOT COOL. I read up on it and it's totally a thing. A normal thing. Especially in subsequent pregnancies. I'm sure Jonathan is sick of me reminding him of the crazy owies. The snoogle tries to tries.

4. No cravings too extreme. Yeah! I'd better finish this post so I can dig in on that slice of key like pie I just went and sought out :).

5. I have little interest in preparing for this little dude. Mostly due to the fact that I know what he needs most are already here...attached to my chest. Now just to get some diapers and a few outfits. A room and bedding would be nice, I guess. And a double stroller. Swing. Ugh. No interest in that stuff. No super designer Mommy this time, I fear. Good thing a boy is coming! :)

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