Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break Camping Trip

The three us of had a great excursion out to Lake Ray Roberts over Spring Break! The weather was just right, we brought all the necessary comforts, and best of all – NO BUGS. Yes!!!

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Though we all had a great time, Penny may have had the most fun, thanks to all the swimming she got to do!

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Such a beautiful sunset:
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B and I both slept in. Daddy always loves to get up for the sunrise while we camp. Overrated?? Smile

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She loves her pooch!

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Camping pancakes – a MUST HAVE in the Adamo camp trip!

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With the water still being so low, we found a cool peninsula to explore. WINDY!

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More fun swim time for Penny (I got a great video – or 5 – of her chasing some seagulls…this dog would live in the water if we’d let her!):

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Just a one night stand and then we were home in time for a nap. Sounds like a perfect Spring Break trip to me!

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