Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lucky St. Patrick’s Day!

Our St. Patty’s season started back in February when I was hunting down stuff for Julie’s similarly-themed baby shower. My shopping buddy made things pretty fun with her silly finds…as usual:


But we started the official holiday weekend with my first successful attempt at attending the Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day parade! This was my third time, and we finally got there in time! This DART was absolutely packed and no where near its main destination. Definitely part of the adventure and actually pretty awesome, if you ask me:


Everyone was in a great mood because the weather could not have been more perfect. Even this fellow:


Smiles all around!


Fun to meet up with some of J’s work peeps outside of school – but man, are younger, single people hard to keep up with! Hahaha!506514

We skipped out much earlier than the rest of the bunch so we could make it home to enjoy the day with our little Lucky Charm:


The next day brought the annual McCauley St. Patrick’s Day Party. I was so impressed with Julie when she decided to invite a few family and friends into her home a mere six days after welcoming baby Patrick! Committed hostess! We had a great short stop up at their place (did I mention she had a 6 day old at home? Let’s make this party short and sweet!), playing with such adorable littles!

(and by the way, I got to meet Patrick at the hospital – he has been just the chillest little dude you’ve ever seen! The McCauley’s are truly blessed!)



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Silly faces!

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random post st pattys 1465

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