Monday, April 8, 2013

Playtime with our little buddies!

Check out these littles at our first playdate in February 2011. Aren’t they the snuggliest?!


It’s never easy to reconcile 5 busy mommy schedules and find a common time for play (when all kids are healthy!), but we manage when we can. Here the little are at a playground gather in late Spring 2012:


Again in December of 2012 (sweet little Hudson was able to join us!):


And our latest gathering over Spring Break. Miss Graham was able to show off her beautiful little sister, Caroline! Graham was able to give Preslie some lessons in how to be a big sister…she’ll welcome her own little sister, Blakely, in a matter of weeks!

Check out Bridget and Preslie all a giggles while chatting about each other’s dogs (“Diggy”!):

random post st pattys 1249

Smiles from Hudson and Graham:

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Sweetest Caroline. I got to snuggle with her for a while and loved every minute!

random post st pattys 1253

Trip, like Bridget, was always on the move!

random post st pattys 1260

Wish my little would smile this well!

random post st pattys 1261

These two had no time for smiling at the camera…

random post st pattys 1263random post st pattys 1269

Our obligatory group photo…always a moment for the moms to giggle at the impossibility of the task at hand:

random post st pattys 1275

And for once, we got a group Mommy photo! Hard to believe I’ve had some of these girls in my life for nearly 30 years…I’m so blessed to have so many life-long friendships. Cheers!

random post st pattys 1277

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  1. We are all so blessed! I absolutely love this post and may have stolen that picture of all of us to put on my blog, too! :)