Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So, it’s a lie!

Contrary to what you may read or hear, you actually DON’T need to feel bad for not taking your kid to the dentist prior to birthday #4! I was seriously feeling super guilty that B had reached 3 1/2 and had still not made it into the dentist’s chair, so I finally called and made an appointment (I’m currently between dentists because mine retired, so I just called a place that had sent us a coupon for kids services and set up something – I’m not about to pay $350+ for an office with a slide on teeth that will all fall out in a few years! Wish we could…B would have loved a slide!). The office deemed it a “happy visit” and quickly let know that the coupon could be reapplied at her next visit since they don’t do x-rays or cleanings on kids under age 4. This visit was just for fun and FREE! What a great idea to walk a 3 year old around the office, let her see all the instruments (she even got to suck on the sucky hose thingy), meet the hygienist and the dentist, have her teeth counted and looked at under the light, and then leave with a big bag of healthy-teeth goodies, a sticker, and a toy! She was all smiles!

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I’m always glad to be reminded that my little still is pretty little in the grand scheme of things Smile.

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She did great!

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We also grabbed a few pics in the gazebo out back, just ‘cause I can’t resist her powers of cuteness:

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Get your Happy Visit done soon! It was really fun!

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  1. WHAT?!? I felt sure I was the only Mommy "forgetting" to make the first dreaded dentist appt for my 3 year old. Ugh... just the mention of it can send Jack into tears - and he's never stepped foot inside their office! We even checked out a book this morning about a trip to the dentist because I know we need to go. So.... guess what I'll be showing him when he gets up from his nap??? B's PERFECT pictures! Yea for YOU and beautiful Bridget :)