Friday, November 30, 2012

Tardiness–It’s Just a Part of Me

Here’s some photo vomit from a number of Halloween/Fall themed events in which the Adamos took part. I just can’t let time pass without getting them out there in the blogosphere…and into my journal!

Dora Princess on the hunt for sweets. Man, what a difference a year makes! And why was it so darn dark already this time? We had a great time taking her around the block, and it was definitely worth skipping a night of school for me:

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All by herself!

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This talking skull was equal parts funny and freaky to her. It was hilarious…

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Even Daddy got something fun to wear!

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Surveying her loot:

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The weekend prior to Halloween was her school’s Fall Carnival. It was awesome! This preschool keeps impressing me over and over again. I can’t wait for the next event in February! Too much to say and too many great pics (though my camera stopped working about an hour into our visit and I FREAKED. Thankfully, I got it going again a day later. Phew!):



Bridget and her little friend, Mira, from class. Mira’s parents are both music teachers, too!


Punkin’ Chunkin’ was pretty darn fun:


We also enjoyed an evening of pumpkin and cookie decorating at our friends’ house – Juli & Sophia. The girls were adorable together!

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And lastly, my law school group’s Halloween event. Such cute kiddos! Check out the costume contest winner – Thomas the Train:

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Though I thought this family took the cake on cuteness. The older daughter is the gardener and her twin siblings are the gnomes. SO CUTE!


Bobbing for apples:


A tired Bridget..what’s new?!


Bean bag toss was a way bigger hit than I expected. An excellent last minute addition, me!


And I was totally in love with this little devil. Isn’t she the cutest?!?!


PHEW! That will have to do with super old posts for now. Halloween 2012 officially complete!

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