Tuesday, November 13, 2012

State Fair–Year in Review

We had 3 fabulous trips to the Fair this year and all I managed was a post about Big Tex going up in flames…how do other people really keep up with blogs?! Ugh. I am still so behind. Oh well, here’s some photo vomit from our various amazing visits to Tex’s stomping grounds…

First up was an early Sunday morning meet-up with the entire Williams clan (minus Uncle Andy…we’ll get him back next year!). We hopped on the Dart:


Then nabbed some breakfast at the Owen’s Country Sausage Barn before checking out some cute animals:


Grabbed our first Fair food of the year – a “firecracker” which was basically a delicious tamale shaped like a taquito with some scrumptious sauce. A new favorite!!


Next up was a visit to the Subarus at the car show, where Bridget started conducting like Daddy at each and every placard. It was adorable!


Just a wee bit chilly…perfect Fair weather! The fam all convened at Hans Mueller (our traditional meeting spot):


And strolled right over to Big Tex (B LOVED hearing him talk this year! she couldn’t get enough!):


Then it was on to the Midway so everyone could ooo and ahh over the cutest of the Williams’ riding on the kiddie rides:




We popped in again with just my little family the next weekend. We enjoyed time in the petting zoo (Mommy faced her biggest fear – the Ostrich!):


And nibbled on an Adamo family Fair food MUST – Hast Texas Nachos:


I had a little bite, but my tummy was waiting for a corny dog!


On our way to the Midway, we walked right up to the light parade, which was conveniently near the Chinese Lantern gates. Got a groupon to see the laterns and can’t wait to go next month! Yay for 1/2 price (‘cause you know I wasn’t paying $20 per person for anything at the Fair!!!):


My wish came true:


Then it was time for a game, showing Daddy her awesome prize, and a quick ride before heading home. The Fair at night is so pretty!!!


B choose the Lady Bugs ride, which is supposed to be a kiddie version of the Love Bugs (the ride my Dad always rode on with all us girls when we were growing up!). Yeah, so its just as fast, loud, and crazy as the Love Bugs. Its just smaller (so I swear it felt even faster!!!).


Showing off her prize in the car on the way home…and using her favorite picture face. Awesome.


We’d had such a blast so far that you know I jumped at the chance to accept an invite from my Mom to go back with B for one last trip to the Fair on a Tuesday morning. My favorite time to go!!!

We had our best petting zoo trip of all…look at those smiles!



And got to visit one of my favorite kid spots – Little Hands on the Farm! Such a great learning spot (and great to go when there’s no line), and at the end each kid gets a “dollar” to spend in the country store. And there’s tons to choose from! So darn cute!



A must attend when you’re on a Williams trip:


Met up with the Borden cows, Mama Elsie and her calf, Beauregard. So soft…


And while we were in Food & Fiber, we had to get our free food! NACHOS!


Since we were on a girls’ trip, we strolled into the Girl Scouts exhibit showcased at the Hall of State (a fun aside – J and I looked into doing our wedding reception at the Hall of State. It would have been beautiful! But it’s no place for a big, loud jazz band…waaa). The exhibit was amazing! I really hope B can join a Brownie troop one day!


A final wave to Big Tex…he bit the dust 2 days later…


If you go to the Fair next year with a little one, you MUST try this motorcycle ride. She LOVED it! But bring ear plugs…


And my last must have Fair snack – a NUTTY BAR! Nomnomnomnom…like mother, like daughter Smile.


Thanks for hanging in there with all these pics. We truly had a magical experience this year. Love us some Texas State Fair!!!

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