Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shhh! We’re Hunting Chwistmas Twees…

Another year, another Adamo Family Christmas Tree Hunt. What a delightful time we were gifted with this year! Who knew the weather could be so perfect? If I had more time (darn studying for finals!), I’d share some pics from years past when the skies weren’t so friendly…but for now…

Daddy driving to the tunes of Christmas:


The blink-and-you’ll-miss-them signs we know all too well:


Dirt roads are so much fun!


A trailer was ready right when we pulled up. It’s like they were waiting for us!


And we’re off!


We had furry friends helping us all day long (I think they were laying some serious hot dog begging ground work…):


Let’s hunt!


The acreage hadn’t been mowed as it normally would be, so the grass was taller than Bridget! Led to a little more than average amounts of carrying time..I won’t complain about that ‘cause I love to carry my doodle bug!


Found a tree just her size Smile…but Mommy wanted one a little bigger.




Tree #2 – helping Daddy saw the trunk. Watch out for stickers!


We did it!


I’ve seen this girl take about 4 sips of soda in her life. I’m not soda drinker and I’d be THRILLED if my kids weren’t, too. Especially before the age of, oh, 15?! Nevertheless, I let her have a sip or two of mine (yes, I drink the occasional orange soda!) and she gulped it down. I think Daddy has been sneaking sips of his diet cokes to her on the sly…Daddies are such rule breakers.


A must:


Daddy does a great job tying the tree down every year:


As our trip was timed perfectly during regular nap hours (we arrived at 12 and left at 3 – genius on my part), I was willing to do just about anything to keep my girl from going insane (I know, I know…don’t give her soda!!!). Here are a few select shots from her rare chance to use her favorite toy ever – Mommy’s camera. She’s not a bad shot!


Stay tuned for pics of the tree all decorated and pretty!

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