Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado 2012: We Know How to Chill…

Though it’s a little heartbreaking to put up any more pictures from our wonderful Colorado trip, knowing that all of this could be burned to the ground by this weekend, I’m determined to journal our time and focus on the positive. Relaxation is positive!

Colorado 2012 123

After a full, tiring morning at Garden of the Gods, we decided to stay in town post-nap to give the girls (and us!) a break. We did the same thing on Sunday! That morning, we spent a little time at the awesome community play ground that’s down the road from the house. The weather was a dream. Ahhh..

Colorado 2012 126Colorado 2012 133Colorado 2012 169

Colorado 2012 155Colorado 2012 147Colorado 2012 188

Colorado 2012 143Colorado 2012 178Colorado 2012 196Colorado 2012 200

Colorado 2012 249Colorado 2012 226Colorado 2012 247Colorado 2012 216

During nap time, the four grown-ups took the stroll up the hill behind the house (with monitors in tow! its that close, phew!) to catch the amazing views of Pikes Peak:

Colorado 2012 255Colorado 2012 258 (2)

Some silliness ensued:

Colorado 2012 263Colorado 2012 271

And I realized that I shouldn’t be 100% confident in my ability to use the fancy camera’s self-timer (but p.s., my mom calls that “her rock”):

Colorado 2012 275

It is my hope and greatest prayer that the wildfires spare my parents neighborhood. I’m reminded of the priceless nature of the space and serenity that is gifted to us up there, and being in that small meadow atop the backyard hill is truly majestic. You can instantly understand why the words to “America the Beautiful” were penned upon the peak of that amazing area. Ahhh…

Post-nap brought us a trip fueled by curiosity to the Dinosaur Resource Center in town (though I balked at the $12 per person – including kids – admission price, so we just visited the statutes out front:

Colorado 2012 298

Colorado 2012 307Colorado 2012 302Colorado 2012 309

Then it was time to walk right next door to one of mine and Jonathan’s most favorite Woodland Park hot spots (there are many!) – the town’s newest brewery, Bierwerks. It is the coolest little place!

Colorado 2012 314

You can see why the girls were okay with going (think orange dreamsicle in a glass):

Colorado 2012 319

And no surprise why the boys wanted to visit…again:

Colorado 2012 327

We all had a lovely time relaxing in the amazing weather, listening to music, having a little Wisconsin cheese snack, and spending time together:

Colorado 2012 330

Check out these ladies’ sweet dance moves. So You Think You Can Dance better watch themselves! Double threat – dancing AND acting (you know I’ll toss in singing soon…):

Colorado 2012 337Colorado 2012 339

We had some happy vacationers after that restful but enjoyable day in Woodland Park:

Colorado 2012 344Colorado 2012 345

By the time our glasses were empty, it was time to head home for another home-cooked meal and bedtime preparation. Good sleep was imperative because tomorrow was a big day…going to see SANTA at the NORTH POLE!!!

Colorado 2012 349

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  1. Reading about your trip has certainly been a highlight of my week!