Thursday, June 21, 2012

Surprise Special Day Together

A few weeks back, I was getting B ready to head to Miss Kathy’s and running late. What? Me running late? Inconceivable!

Well, it was raining and gross so I went to the umbrella vase (that’s exactly what it is and its purpose) to grab her ladybug bella and something for me. Yep. Turns out they were all in my car. How does that happen?! We have like 5 umbrellas, not including the ladybug. Ugh. I didn’t waste a moment before improvising and grabbing a pancho from the camping room (that’s exactly what it is and its purpose – and it will be the first room to go when we have another kiddo – don’t tell Jonathan). I also grabbed a cheap one and frantically sliced about 2 feet off the bottom for B to fit into it. I’m cracking myself up right now remembering this.

We both ran out into the monsoon (yes, I love my husband so much that I let him take 1/2 the garage for his beloved Subaru and the other 1/2 for his precious man space…we all need our space, so I’m more than willing to sacrifice…but monsoon days make me question this long-standing agreement). I managed to literally throw B in her seat, run around to my door, get off the pancho, get completely soaked in under 1 second of being exposed to rain, and shut the door. I got B’s soaking plastic sheet off of her and strapped her in from my seat (cue back ache), got my phone out to warn Kathy we’d be late, and turned on the car. Cue dead battery. Sheesh!

I first called my mom to let her know we were stranded in a foggy windowed car in the middle of a flash flood and that it was unlikely I’d get to work soon. She just laughed. I next alerted Kathy of B’s imminent absence. Then I texted Jonathan about the battery. You’re aware of his car obsession, I take. He giddy at the chance to a) work on a car, and b) have a reason to leave work during the last week of school. He said he’d be home in an hour to help us and that I could probably still make it to work for a half day. Um, what? You’d better believe I told him to cool it and take his sweet time because I wasn’t going into work. Me and B were having a surprise day at home AND I was forced to stay home and not plan anything outside of the house. HOORAY!


Well, I’m not so great at relaxing days that find me and my princess forced to stay home. But we started with letter pancakes for breakfast (A = Anna, B= Bridget, D = Daddy):


By the time our handyman arrived, the clouds had parted. Oh, and my battery started on its own. Hahahahaha.


J took it to get checked by the Auto Zone docs around the corner and to no one’s surprise, it needed to be replaced. This guy here is not about to pay someone else to do something he can (and loves) to do himself, and his little lady loves her some tools. Cue Daddy/Daughter handy time!


Umm…this looks ominous:


But my man’s determination was unwavering, so through wind, rain and hail (yes, HAIL), he kept to it and finished the job for us. I think he really just wanted to take more time so he could miss more work…


Bridget wasn’t about to pass up a chance to use her sweet buggy bella, so like any good mom, I let her go out in the chilly rain and play. Good move, me.


Thankfully, Daddy gave her the task of drying the wrenches…or whatever those are:


And with naptime approaching, she and I settled into a little movie time with the dark skies above us and enjoyed a flick about a very determined Daddy out to help his baby in need. Sounds familiar. Sweet, sweet day!


So, for all those busy working moms who never find a free day of nothingness at home (and those those hard-working SAHMs who also find themselves running crazy about town and only make it home for naps and/or house duties!)…have your husband surprise you one day by taking the battery out of your car or something so you literally can’t go anywhere, have to cancel all your plans, and are forced to enjoy some down time with your baby. It certainly did me well (and thankfully, it wasn’t on a day that I HAD to be somewhere…hehehehe).

Cheers, Jelly Man!

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