Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meeting Max the Bunny!


I’m already getting overwhelmed and school doesn’t officially start until Monday. Eeek! Just writing this makes me so thankful for this outlet I have that makes my heart so happy…


Through the magic of Facebook, we found out that the Fort Worth Public Libraries were hosting a full tour of favorite story characters this summer, one of which being “Max” from the Max and Ruby series. We are still smack dab in the middle of a Max and Ruby obsession at our house (though there are definitely some drawbacks to the show, like a brief set back in vocabulary thanks to Max’s affinity for one word responses…that phase quickly passed after I threatened to cut B off from all Max and Ruby episodes on TV), so I was giddy when I saw that one appearance actually fit in our tight schedule AND it was at the eastern most campus (as in, the campus closest to us!). What a treat!

Summer Activities 2012 002

Let me just tell you all – I am loving this age B is in! 2.5-3 has been absolutely magical. I know, I know. We all say that about most stages in our child’s life, but really, things just keep getting better and better. I just LOVE MY BRIDGET!

Back to the trip. She was in the best mood and smiled at each and every little detail. This girls loves her a library. JOY!

Summer Activities 2012 003Summer Activities 2012 005

Since we were making a planned trip to Fort Worth proper, I couldn’t pass up the chance to see Ashlee and Catherine…and finally meet Baby Hunter! Bridget and I were tickled that they, too, were able to fit this into their daily routine. Aren’t these three beautiful?

Summer Activities 2012 007

The show began with a jovial introduction by Miss Jackie, followed by a live rendition of “Little Bunny Foo Foo” complete with volunteers and props. Guess who nabbed a key role in the production?? She represented all the field mice by squeaking out the sweetest “ouch!” every time BFF bopped them on the heads. She stole the show, of course! Honey Boo Boo Child ain’t got nuthin’ on my Doodle Bug!

Summer Activities 2012 010

The guest of honor finally arrived!

Summer Activities 2012 013Summer Activities 2012 015

This little angel couldn’t hold herself back and had to run up and 1) check that it truly was Max, and then 2) give him a hug. Let’s not get into how annoyed I get by parents who don’t wrangle their kids in situations like this. I mean, there’s a time and a place for independence, ya’ll!! Ugh. All who’ve taught or currently teach: we ALL know those kids…and those parents!

Summer Activities 2012 017Summer Activities 2012 019

Another live performance, starring Mr. Max:

Summer Activities 2012 020

And a chance for a photo op and hug with the Furry One. Bridget was so excited!

iPhone love July 14 2012 003

Next up was a quick craft (I’m learning that crafts are common at 3+ story times…there’s a reason they don’t bother at the “under 3” events…but that didn’t stop us from a learning op!):

Summer Activities 2012 022Summer Activities 2012 023Summer Activities 2012 026

The girls were pretty proud of their final product. What precious ladies!

Summer Activities 2012 027

During the school year we are not able to fit in our neighborhood story time due to a conflict with Bridget’s music class now that she’s moved up an age group. So sad. It’s something we’ve both loved getting back to over the summer! I’m going to try my best to get our nearest campus to continue its evening storytimes into the fall so we can take part. Isn’t an evening story a glorious idea?? Ah…we LOVE storytime at the library. Check it out if you haven’t gone yet. Free. Less than 30 minutes. Stickers always provided at the end (aka incentive to behave!). At least at our location, babies are welcome, too. Score!

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  1. You should be the spokesperson for all of the fun summer activities for toddlers! Seriously...I should've tagged along with you all summer! Bridget is a lucky little girl!!!