Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wisdom from Law School

One of my professors is currently a judge in the Bankruptcy Court of Dallas. He's fabulous! Though I had wished I skipped class on Monday (I felt so sick after over-doing it this weekend with events and stress) since all we did was chat about the effects of bankruptcy, I was glad to get a friendly reminder of how well Jonathan and I truly have it in life.

Judge Hale offered a little anecdote about his life and the fact that he and his wife enjoyed many times of great wealth (being a partner in a big firm helps that!), when they had time to go and do fun activities (hiring a babysitter without thinking about the cost?!), date nights, trips, etc. They'd also experienced times of being, well, BROKE. Nothing in the bank? Not necessarily, but certainly living basically paycheck to paycheck in order to send their son to the most expensive school in the country, be it with great pride. He said to us, "Y'all...its WAY easier to have a happy relationship when you don't have to always worry about money! Even the strongest of bonds are tested when there's not quite enough to make it through the month. If you're worried about making a mortgage payment or skipping a few bills here to pay a few others there, it can be extremely stressful. Not to mention the stress it puts on your kids when they know money is tight." (these quotes are for effect - I'm definitely summarizing here).

You'd better believe I went right home and gave my husband a big hug and told him what a great job I think we're doing navigating this difficult time in our lives. We bought a wonderful home at a time when we were young, had two good jobs, and no kids. Well, within two years, one of us had left her job and we'd added a kiddo to the mix. What was I thinking?! Hahaha. Sure, we knew what was coming and have done our best to prepare in any way possible, but its been a long 2.5 years so far and we've got a little ways more to go before the light finally comes to us again. I can honestly say we're doing a pretty darn good job keeping our marriage a priority and making sure we don't let the struggles that always come at the end of the school semester (aka the most broke times of the year!) get us too down. We'll have our times of ease someday, and even if things are easier in the money department, there will always be issues elsewhere. Thank God we have our health (who sound old?! This girl!).

Money doesn't make people happy...but not having money can easily make people unhappy.

To all those who have to tighten the belt for whatever reason (loss of job, medical bills, new home brokedness, new kid budgeting, etc), keep your head up and keep trucking! We can do it!

(I'm still laughing at the article I read about moms on a budget who can't justify buying organic all the time...and all the guilt they feel from other moms constantly talking about shopping only at Sprouts or neighborhood markets or buying grass-fed beef or whatnot...I AM THAT MOM WHO PASSES THE ORGANICS! Not always, and I do love me some Sprouts. But don't judge me for getting the broccoli for $.99 instead of the "special" broccoli for $2.79. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and I need that extra $$ for more toilet paper! And don't get me started on my cynicism toward/skepticism of food labeling. I'm quickly evolving into a "trust no one" sort of gal. I'm not happy about it, but its true. Rant over!)

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